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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

End of #100 Day Project

It is finally at an end - 100 days of art each day.  But I normally do art each day, though, so it isn't much different than others except I am posting pictures of most of it.  "Most" of it.  I have a couple of different journals going - one is the second volume of my organic/botanical journal.  And I have started a compilation of border/fragment patterns and play.  I am also participating in a Dingbatz each day in July - DINGYINNJULY.  I participated in this week's Square One Zentangle with the focus pattern Tangleflake.  Also the Zenvoyage #Endless Zentangle is so much fun - finishing week 8 and just need to add some more shading and a bit of patterning.  I just finished a video lesson on feathers from Amanda Clifford, CZT, and loved it.  And this morning I was following along with a video from Alena Light on her pattern Movement.  So here is this week's compilation, and the end of my postings of bits and pieces.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

More #100 Day Project - June 27-July 5 - Days 86-94

Almost done!!  Here is my compilation of the past few days' work.  Some of it in my Organic/botanical journal, a couple of Dingbatz, a journal page of my nature walks down a gravel road, a challenge tile for Wholehearted Creations, and a meandering sketch of patterns with no intent.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Continuing with #100 Day Project - Days 77-85

I realized I hadn't posted my art creations for the past few days - since I opted to just draw each day and not specifically a finished piece each day, or a published piece.  I started out this collage with some challenge entries - a ZIA using A, B, C tangles; a ZIA using D, E, F, G tangles, and a Square One participation of Kuke.  There is a page from my journal of changes - where I used my progressive shots of a Russian thistle to show change Mother Nature style.  I also have started the Endless Zentangle project with Zen Voyage, a group of ladies from Russia whose work I have admired for quite some time.  It starts with making a book - accordion style.  Then each week, a progession of tangles.  I have weeks 1-3 done, and will do some more on it.  It is quite a fun project.  I also created a couple more of my watercolor pieces, practicing more and more of using more watercolor in my art.  It is a challenge for me, and it is a challenge to leave the negative spaces.  And I keep adding to my Organic/Botanic journal (the second one!!)  This is a personal reference journal.   Some of it are strokes/styles I admire from other artists - maybe a specific swirl or pattern.  Some are patterns created by other artists - I don't create the stepouts in this journal, I have them elsewhere.  These journals are so that I can flip through them at any time during a piece for inspiration or direction.  I have quite a collection put together and keep adding.  I have quite a few items on my "to do list" of creations I would like to make, or studies I would like to do.  I have been taking my morning mile walks through the nature area every morning and photographing quite a bit of the "weed culture" and natural culture on that walk.  I hope to start including some pieces inspired by those walks.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Continuing with Days 67-76 #100 Day Project

I continue to draw each day - sometimes just sketching a bit, and other times really getting down to it!  I worked on another watercolor piece for a few days, watching it grow and evolve.  It was a mixed style with some Yellena James influence, Sharla Hicks' influence, and just drawing.  Again, working with the watercolor more and more. 
Susan Mayes, CZT gave me a starter piece a while back, with Twinkling H2Os blown with a straw.  It was quite beautiful, but I didn't get a photo of the original before I started.  I just let my pen go with this one, and was quite pleased with result.  It was on a piece of white cardstock and all that white still bothered me, so I got out the green chalk pastel pencil and look what happened.  I gifted it back to her!!
I worked some more on my second botanical/organic journal group of patterns/designs, and participated in two Square One focuses - Loev and Kuke.  Also, I did a challenge to use a pattern starting with A, B, and C.  I chose Abeko, B'twined and C-View.  So all in all, a good piece of drawing these past few days, and here is a collection of some of the results.

Friday, June 8, 2018

#100 Day Project Continues May 31-June 7

I spent quite a bit of the past few days working on a new botanical piece.  This was a combination of styles - that of Sharla Hicks and Yellena James.  I have been studying both quite a bit and love the effect of both, and like combining the forms.  I started with a blank white page, and creating what I thought would be the focus flower on the upper left.  I then started adding bit by bit, using watercolor to lay in some of the color, along with a bit of colored pencil.  But I stayed more true to watercolor in this piece.  The bottom left flower, I think, became my focus flower.  This is actually a pattern called Feen by Ela Reiger, CZT.  I have really learned a lot working with this pattern and combining it with what I learned from Sharla's retreat.  I was quite pleased with the watercolor work on this one - it is the first one that I haven't almost totally covered with colored pencil.  The other pages are pages from my Organic/Botanic journal - Volume II.  These journals contain small samples of forms, some I see in other's work, some are patterns, and even some from my own observations during my morning walks. 

Here is my week's work.
I have been walking a mile every morning - yes, me!  I live less than a half mile from a nature area.  There is a gravel road alongside a pond that I can walk along and hear the early morning sounds of nature - and the peace and quiet alongside the city life.  As I increased the distance I was walking, I found there was a second pond behind the first one.  So now my walks have increased to a little more than a mile and I will keep increasing as I feel able to.  The humidity is high in the mornings, but the heat isn't as bad, so it is the only time I can  do this walk.  It energizes me for the day.


Sunday, June 3, 2018

Diva Challenge

Laura's challenge this week (#364, which is a repeat of the number as last week was 364) is to use the tangle PUF by Carole Ohl.  This is another of the grid patterns.  I have used it in conjunction with Footlites.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

#100 Day Project Continues May 22-30

A lot of my art time this past week has been working through a piece inspired by Yellena James and seeing what techniques I can use.  I had a bad experience with gouache - not sure what happened.  From what I was reading, it was either old or cheap or a combination of both.  It smelled awful and I live in an apartment with no outside ventilation other than windows and it is too darned hot outside to have them open.  It took a full day for that smell to dissipate.  Yellena uses gouache in her work a lot so I have been experimenting with other mediums - colored ballpoint pen, gelly roll, Tombow markers, Staedtler fineliners, colored pencil and watercolor pencil.  It is still a work in progress - I am really having a lot of fun working on this.  I have also gone back and done some basic Zentangle work also.  And a quilt block template challenge in one of my groups.  It has been a good art week.