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Monday, February 5, 2018

Diva Challenge 350

This is the month of hearts.  A heart string for our challenges   And UMT - Use My Tangle - Rimana by Nadine Roller.  (RI for Rick,  MA for Maria, and NA for herself.  This is a good example of "There are No Mistakes".  Nadine said:
I was trying RIXTY in my very beginnings and slipped up. Rick and Maria taught us, mistakes are a wonderful possibility for being creative and making the best of the situation. My personal experience is that patterns also come to life like this. Things that aren`t convenient to us giving us possibilities to grow. Apparently negative things develop positive things afterwards. It is this way of thinking I internalize more and more.
I decided to leave my heart strings blank with some polychromo shading, and Rimana became a background.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

My Fantasy World of Many Moons

One of the things I have been trying to do is see what the color on a page tells me.  Normally, I do this with a botanical theme.  I want to share what happened to me on this one.  I was working with a black page that Sharla Hicks had shared with us.

I was looking at the splotches of colors on this page and suddenly I saw a line of priestesses and robed men moving towards the spires in the distance in this world of many moons.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


This week I put forth the prompt in our Tangled Lives Group.

Let’s draw/tangle on paper that we normally would not use.  Pretend you don’t have a journal or a white piece of paper.  Look around your space. Look for something in print: newspaper, old book page, junk mail, sheet music.   Have you ever looked at the paper on the inside of a junk mailing envelope – the interesting markings, usually in blue– what about tangling or drawing on that?  What a cool background that would be.   Maybe a magazine page, a piece of scrapbook paper, a photograph?  There is an endless list of items you could draw on.

Find a piece of paper that you wouldn’t normally draw or tangle on and affix it in your journal and do your drawing or tangling on that paper.

This is how I created my background for a printed paper page using Tombow markers.  I scribbled with the Tombow markers - I used three colors, not uniformly  -  on my craft mat about the size of my page, then spritzed with water.

As you can see, it isn't a solid color, just scribbles.  Then place the paper down on top of the color and "smash" it.  Lift the paper and let the colors run if you want.  You will see that the color has covered the page.  There was still plenty of color left on the mat - at this point you can replace the paper and add more color on it, or grab another piece of paper and place color on it for a later project.  With both piece, after sitting about a minute, I take a roll of paper towels and absorb the water and color left on the paper.  Here is my finished paper.  (In this one I wasn't concerned with the center of the paper as I was planning to cover that area anyway.

After letting the paper dry, I affixed the piece of printed book paper to my colored papge using Matte Medium.  I used a page from a French dictionary that my friend CZT Susan Mayes gave me).  I tore the page so that there weren't hard edges on it -  and to give it a worn look.  At this point, you can work the paper a bit - distress the edges, age the paper, etc.   After I glued the page down, I used a thin coating of clear gesso on the top so that I could lay down watercolor without ruining the paper.  I use an old gift card to apply both the matte medium and the clear gesso - it lays down a really thin, all-covering smooth layer.  

Now it's time to create!!  Here's my page.

Diva Challenge 349 - Official Pattern Rumpus

This week we are creating tiles using the official pattern Rumpus.  This is a fun pattern and creates some stunning work.  I used my tan journal, black Micron, brown Micron, Terra Cotta prismacolor, white gelly roll.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Diva Challenge 348 - In Honor of Artoo

Laura Harms' youngest son, Artoo, is seven and has Moebius Syndrome.  He is such a smart child, and we all love hearing the stories of what he is doiing.  He is very creative, and his endeavors take him from paleontology to comic artist or musician.  What a rascal.  Wednesday is Moebius Awareness Day.  Each year, to raise awareness of this Syndrome, we use the Moebius Foundation's logo as our string.  Purple is the color.  So, in honor of Artoo, here is my tile.

Lady Serenity

I have been working on a piece the last couple of weeks.  I started with a watercolor background that I wasn't too fond of until one day I looked over at it and saw a face!  So, after taking the instructions from Sharla Hicks at the retreat in November, and her samples of finding faces or people in her work, I decided to build on that.

This piece is about 4" x 6" in size.
I kept working around the facial area - adding a headdress and ruff-like collar. And a scepter-like rope next to her.
I let it sit a while and then started inking in areas - working all over it.  I would add something on one side and then the other, all the while trying to balance it out.  I reached another stopping point.
I didn't let it sit too long - I started adding some color and more linework and weighting, white highlights, and it all started coming together.  The final touch was to add the facial features, but not add them - just the illusion of them with shading.
Sharla Hicks called her Lady Serenity and I think that is very fitting for this piece.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Diva Challenge 347

This week the Diva gave us a string challenge.  To create the ZIA, we were told to use found objects around us and trace them onto the paper to create the string.  So I had a pencil sharpener, an emery board and a 3Z tile.  And I had a 5" square paper colored with Color Burst so I used that "found" item and traced my objects on it.

 The color burst is fun to work with - I used prismacolor to accent it and a blender pen to blend in the shading. I used a combination of White dip pen and Uniball to do the accents.  With color burst - it can reactivate so the color bled through the white uniball on some areas and I used the white dip pen to keep it white.