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Friday, September 26, 2014

Square One: Purely Zentangle - Dex was the word of the week

My tangle this past week in Square One featured Dex, Visited by munchin, fasset, printemps, florz, keeko and inapod.  Used String 123.
 While I was at it, I did another Purely Zentangle tile featuring Coil with Mooka, purl, , printemps, tripoli both large and small, and a tangleation of a grid - maybe a modified Yincut (the one with the triangle and orb on one-half)?  Anyway, I liked the coil with Mooka part of it.

I know I am rambling a bit here.  I have been doing a lot of practicing this week to keep the flow going.  Life changes daily and I am trying to get some direction going.  I think I have a new plan in place and look forward to seeing if I can make it work.

I'm not even sure if anyone is reading my blog yet, but I just want to keep adding to it and get some steam built up.

Laters friends.

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