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Sunday, December 28, 2014


Not too good a picture. One I have been struggling with while I have been down with the crud for almost 2weeks.  Some mooka, shattuck, purk, poke leaf, dragonair, printemps, meer, flux, squid, Knightsbridge, nipa, n'zeppel and nymph to name a few.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I retired the first of December.  Finally, I have time to devote to art.  I am loving it.  I went down last weekend and visited the shop of fellow CZT in Colorado Springs, Deb Prewitt.  She has a lovely shop for anyone down in that area - and she is so knowledgeable in a variety of arts.  We have a really great visit.

I plan to start a teaching schedule in January.  I now have time to put some classes together, just have to figure out how to reach people.  I have worked in an isolated job, so don't know many people.  I have joined the community recreation center, and will visit the senior center.  If you know anyone interested in the north Denver area, please have them get in touch with me.  I will start, of course, with basic classes, but plan to expand to advanced classes, including color, Renaissance tiles, white on black, borders, meditation, to name a few.  I look forward to developing this plan.

I will keep posting in the meantime, with my challenge pieces and other art.  I am currently designing a new cover photo for the blog, and am also creating the Facebook page - GramTangles.  Feel free to visit, although there isn't much there yet.

Diva Challenge 198

  • The last challenge of 2014 from The Diva is K.I.S.S.  (Keep It Simple Stupid).  I love Mooka, so to me a simple tile was to do a monotangle of mooka - with an ahhhh!  I kept the shading to a minimum and no additions.  Some auras within the Mooka, but not much else.  

Thursday, December 11, 2014

After the cards

I had a design in mind to try.  I started with Dyon in the center, surrounded by mooka.  Added poke root and hollibaugh with flux.  I used the cross hatching in the hollibaugh to offset the values.  It was a fun piece to create.  Ended up being about 8x6".

Cards are done

I finished making my Christmas cards.  My first foray into watercolor.  After these, I switched yo watercolor pencil and liked the outcome better.  I definitely need to take some training in watercolor.

Thursday, December 4, 2014


I did a piece 8x10" on grey toned paper using red Le Pen with red colored pencil shading, zen stone and white charcoal for highlights, and graphite for shading.  I starTed the piece the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I retired on December 2 and finished it.  This is one that I will frame.


Remember childhood dolls?  Paper dolls, Barbie dolls, Chatty Cathy, etc?  Our guest blogger for this week's Diva challenge invited us to revisit and be inspired by dolls.  Well I grew up in a household of quilts.  Sweet Sue, Sunflower Sue.....  So I went with Sunflower Sue and tangled her up a bit.  This was fun and it has made me think of doing a series with her igrowing older.  I will have to give that some thought.  Anyway here's my Sue!