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Monday, January 12, 2015

Our Tangled Lives

I joined a Facebook Group this year that is doing a journal – Our Tangled Lives. We are about 125 people strong. (Oh, and did I mention - I have never created a journal!!)  There is a prompt each week to work from – and the group members will be supplying some of the prompts. Last week the prompt was to find a word that set an intention for this project.  I chose the work Energize.  Since I retired the first of December, it is time for me to rejuvenate myself.  But I didn’t like the word rejuvenate as it was to restore to a youthful appearance.  I just want to rejuvenate my way of thinking and living and decided energize was a better word.  Create new energy.   I wasn’t happy with my page, and will likely redo it.  I was working in a journal and I didn’t like the way mixed media was working on it. 

So this week I went to using individual paper and I will bind it at the end of the year or I will put it in a special binder.  Week Two was to find a positive mission statement to bolster and celebrate our work.  I chose the quote “Life is the Art of Drawing without an Eraser”.  Zentangle uses no eraser.  There are no mistakes – only opportunity.  In other words take what happened and use it as an opportunity to change direction or rethink what you are doing.  Take the risk – take the opportunity.

So my piece is 8 x 10 inches on mixed media paper.  I did a background wash of Tombow marker.  Used some plastic wrap and sponged on some darker blotches.  Then added my Zentangles, stamps and my printed words.

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  1. This is beautiful! I keep thinking I would like to try starting a mixed media journal, but I'm having a tough time just keeping up with the Zentangle challenges! LOL