Pat Mathes,CZT
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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Diva challenge 212

This week's challenge is to use the pattern Fanz by Susan Goetter.

I decided to use it in a zendala as a border and again in the center.  


  1. The simplicity of the Fanz is a nice counterpoint to the complexity of the Paradox.

  2. I like this zendala, Fanz is great as a border.

  3. I didn't set out to use Fanz as a border, but I quickly found out that it's difficult to fill a large curved space with that tangle. It does work very well in your lovely composition.

  4. Pat, this is gorgeous! Going in a circle with Fanz must have been work, but well worth it considering the results.

  5. This is lovely. I like the shading around your circle of paradox. It lifts that circle right off the page. The alternating light and dark that you achieved with the blackened triangles here and there is very nice. Gives the eye something to jump to.