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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Our Tangled Lives - Week 14

Here it is week 14 - we are a quarter of the way through our journey.  And have I ever been learning a lot.  I am particularly happy with this week's page.  I struggled with the prompt - other than my children and grandchildren, I don't think I ever had that tornadic episode of actual love.  I did some stupid things, but not in the name of love!  The love I always yearned for was what I saw in my parents - a slow, gentle love full of serenity.  And it always has escaped me.

But, I grew up in Tornado Alley in Kansas so am very familiar with what the havoc a tornado can create.  My page reflects how a tornado explodes from the center.  I started out with Lynn Meade's Whirlee (I can't even see it now!) and added to it and it exploded into a bouquet of wild flowers.  Not wildflowers - wild flowers.  I am not a color person - I like just a dab of color, or light hued colors - so this really was an explosion for me.  I was happy with the way my background page came out - it is a watercolor wash and then I spot stenciled with pan pastels.  The flower petals are Koi watercolors with some gelly pen highlights.  So for the first time, I am happy with being outside my comfort zone.  Maybe I am learning, you think?  Denise - you said you usually had  a bright colored background to make your twirl pop - I did just the opposite.

"Be a tornado of happiness, gratitude and acceptance."

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