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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Our Tangled Lives Week 17

Week 17 in Our Tangled Lives is Circles.  Big, little, in-between.  It fit my mood totally as we did two separate classes at Tangle U - one on Zendalas and one on Dreamcatchers.  Both Circles.  New methods.  Wonderful methods.  New tools.  So I created my page this week based on the circles of the stencils of Ann Grasso.  This was a fun class for me - I love the zen of figuring out zendala movements.  I did two zendalas from the stencil - and then Bublz to join in.  Then as I was looking at quotes for Circles - this caught my eye - the large circle "where the magic happens" and the small circle of our comfort zone. That is the journey this group has taken me on.  My comfort zone is left behind constantly  in this group and I am finding the magic in learning new techniques and methods.

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  1. These Zendalas are so beautiful! Love the weights on the bubbles. Am very short of time to tangle these days. Doing it vicariously thru you! ;)