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Friday, May 1, 2015

Week 18 Our Tangled Lives

Week 18 already. Our prompt was to fill a map of our city or an object with flowers.  Flowers, huh?  Funny, I have been drawing flowers this week already.  So I live in a small suburb of the Denver Metro - the very northern part.  We are a City and County.  It is a hard area to know which City you are in.  If you look at this map you will see why.  Every direction is another city and county.  Only a street divides it.  One side of the street is one city and the other side is different.  So I looked at the history when getting a map.  Interesting!  Our county became the smallest and newest in 2001.  So I flowered my city.  And the vine is a tollway connecting two parts and the next county but is a part of my city.

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