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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Square one Rain

This week's focus is Rain.  Rain is one of the Zentangle®-original tangles and it makes a great border tangle. Rain can be drawn with irregular zigzags or very precise ones and each produces attractive effects.  Rain was inspired by a design Maria and Rick saw on pottery in an Iranian exhibit in the Louvre on a trip to Paris. They playfully shuffled the letters spelling “Iran” into Rain.

One of the things I love about this group is to see the way everyone used each tangle in a different way.  Some are very true to the original pattern.  Some, you have to look carefully to find the pattern.  I tend to use Rain in an organic way.  Others have used it as a frame, in a geometric way, a circle, endless possibilities.  It helps me think outside the box, but this is one I do like in an organic form.  I have mixed it with some Catkin, and what is Rain without Msst?  The flower is just a flower.

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