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Friday, July 31, 2015

Journaled and Tangled

Well, I finished one of the pages today that I showed the start of earlier this week.  I had cataract surgery on both eyes yesterday and here I am today already able to work in my journal.  It is awesome.  My biggest problem now is looking for my glasses and having to get used to wearing reading glasses.  After 60 years, I no longer wear glasses and am not a candidate for glasses other than reading glasses.  Oh my gosh it is something I never thought would happen.  Anyway, it is a learning curve with the reading glasses.  But a good one.  Tangles in this one: Puf-cookie by Eni Oken, Mr. Eee meets Cadent, Ennyshou, Balo, Flux, Zensplosion, Bunzo, Mooka, Meringue, Florz

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Experience the Blues

Join me in Colorado Springs for this class on Sept. 9!  It's one of the techniques we learned at Tangle U.  You can register at  And visit fellow CZT  Deb Prewitt's store.  It's pretty awesome.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Journal pages in progress

I am really learning a lot on my journal pages.  I pick a couple of patterns and go from there.  Here are two pages I started while waiting for my granddaughter at the orthodontist.  I am working through some of Eni Oken's shading ebooks.  So I have a start on two pages.  Hope to get more done tonight and tomorrow.  I have cataract surgery scheduled for Thursday in both eyes so it will probably be a couple of days before I can work on them.  These are Eni's patterns  of Tri-Roda, pufcookie and splinters with some narwal and Wartz (I think that's the name).  I'll now work on connecting patterns and shading and maybe a splash of color!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Diva Challenge 228 - Organic

This week's Diva Challenge is from another guest blogger - Cari Sultanik, CZT - to create an organic tile.  I love organic movement.  I had just made a note yesterday to try squid with verdigogh.  It is a bit chaotic but I like it.  I added some Sanibelle to round it out.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Journaled and Tangled

Here is another practice page from my journal.  Someone commented on the last one that they are too nice to be practice and why do I call them practice pages.  Here is how I work in this journal.  It is a simple sketchbook with an 8"x12" page when both sides are used.  I pick a pattern or two or three that I want to practice.  I place those patterns on the page randomly.  I have two weaknesses (actually I have more, but we'll just talk about two).  One is composition and the other is leaving white spaces.  So that is what this journal is about.  Once I put my practice patterns on the page, I then start to work on what will join them.  Always remembering to leave the white space.  So they are literally practice pages.  And then I work on the shading.  In this one, I have used Krugel, Fohbraid, Ruf'l.  On the right, my abundie looks like it took steroids.  I used shining and line drawing to even out the pages.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Square One: Eye-wa

This week's focus pattern is one created by Molly Hollibaugh called Eye-wa. It was created from a carpet pattern.
It is kind of intense so I tried to mellow it down with other patterns.  Purk, nymph, nzeppel, Kunstler and some basic line drawing.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Journal page

I have been working on a page in my journal - one of my practice pages.  Fellow CZT Holly Williams had an Opus tile where she used featherfall coming off a pendril spine, and groupings of vines with poke leaf and poke root.  She sat and showed me how she does this without making a pencil string first.  It took me some practicing first - but I finally figured it out.  I love the look of the featherfall.  So I went ahead and filled out the pages with other practice patterns.

Diva Challenge 227 - Circus Time

Again this week we have a guest blogger stepping in while The Diva is on a much needed vacation.  Lee Darter, who is a fellow CZT 15, gives us the challenge of circus time.  A three ring circus using Adele Bruno's pattern Cack and Kate Ahrens' patternTropicana, with a side of either Linq, Fescu or Florz.  I thought Cack made good back to back balloons coming up from a railing of Tropicana.  Linq (Lara Williams' pattern) made streamers coming from the tent top!  So here is my circus.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week 29 - Bridges

This week's prompt was to wave a magic wand to change your life, and what does the bridge from here to there look like.  I pondered this one.  The biggest bridge I have crossed lately was from retirement to my present life.  So this picture depicts my journey from a lifetime of working in the city to the wonderful world of whimsy where the pixie dust took me.  The zentangles in the trees, the frolicing toadstools, is part of where I ended up - the world of Zentangle and all my new friends.  The whimsy part is the more freer part of my life and not adhering to other peoples schedules all the time.  Whimsy is something I treasure - the little grin or wink in life.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Cock a Doodle Doo

I love pictures of roosters.  I wanted to draw one.  I actually used a template and then tangled it.  Worked on colors - still a weakness for me.  I used different shades of red and orange, and blue and green.  It is a mixture of Tombow markers, prismacolor colored pencils and a little gelly roll highlight.  This is in my 9 x 12 journal.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Square One: Hollibaugh

A fun pattern to use as a fill.  But here I used the whole tile.  Instead of coloring in the intersections, I placed another pattern.  I varied the sizes of the Hollibaugh ribbons and actually closed them off.  Took it a step farther ---

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Journaled and Tangled

Another page in my journal. I wanted to do a different type of zendala - freer in pattern and more freehand on the patterns than geometrical.  But still in symmetry.  Then I practiced Helen Williams' version of Orbs and Abundie.  Lots of practice in shading - struggled a bit - it looks "dirty" in places.

Week 28 - Childhood Games

Our prompt this week was to journal about our childhood games - those favorite games and who we played them with.  I grw up on a farm in northwest Kansas and was the youngest child with the next one 7 years older than me.  So I really didn't have anyone to play games with.  There were always chores to do, and when you are an "only child" (more or less), you figure out what to do when you have spare time.  I had a horse - I loved that horse and we would ride the pastures for hours.  Nature was my friend.  I read voraciously.  I rode my bicycle.  We had a small piece of pavement where I could mark out a hopscotch pattern.  I played jacks - I was really good at Jacks!  I did every kind of puzzle I could find - crossword, jigsaw - and I colored!

I went to a workshop a couple of weeks ago where we learned various methods to do image transfers.  I found the horse from a magazine article about an exhibit - and the reader worked too (I shaded out her face).  I did the transfers using packing tape method.  Wow, it worked really good - I layered the packing tape to do the horse - and it all stayed in one piece.  What fun.  So here is my childhood on the farm.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Diva Challenge 226 - Simplicity

Diva Challenge 226 is from guest blogger Katie Crommett.  Katie was a fellow CZT 15 from last year and I had the pleasure of meeting her and sitting in the courtyard at Providence with her in the group.  She has a wonderful prompt this week to simplify - use two or three tangles max and make white space our friend!  So I have used Trio nestled in poke leaf and poke root.  (Fescu snuck in and photobombed!)

Friday, July 10, 2015

Diva Challenge 225 - Color

We have a guest blogger for this month while Laura Harms takes some well-deserved time off from the Diva Challenges. Jen Crutchfield, CZT, challenged us to a color duel.  Create a tile using 2-3 colors.  I did one of my favorite Sharla Hicks' inspired tiles, with blue, green and red pastel chalk pencil coloring.  I weighted the patterns with colored lines rather than using black and making a thicker line to see what the effect might be.  I like it.  The picture doesn't show a lot of distinction between the blue and green - the mooka is blue and the flux is green.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Our Tangled Lives - Week 27

Our journey this week centered around Doors.  Doors that opened.  Doors of opportunity.  Mimi Lempert challenged us to an interpretation of opening a door, being in the right place at the right time.  How that affected us.  Well, my door was opened into the land of Zentangle.  "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door!"  Well, I finally took life into my hands, made plans to retire and opened the door to becoming a CZT.  I was definitely in the right place at the right time because the opportunities keep on coming.  I have learned so much and made so many wonderful friends.  Oh what a door!!!  I recently purchased the book "Secret Gardens" because I love creating organic ZIAs.  My inspiration for this page came from looking through that book and starting to play with some of the designs.  So another door and maybe into my favorite grotto.  We will see.  I did a light watercolor wash on the page, drew with the Micron pen, used watercolor for color and colored pencil for shading.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Clearprint Vellum Journal Project

I had the opportunity to participate in a Cross Country Clearprint Vellum Journal project. I was sent a journal (6"x8") to do one page. I also received a vellum journal to keep as my own so I am sure youw ill see more art on the vellum paper.  As you can see, the journal has kind of come apart - I clipped it to do my page. This is a vellum that is actually kind of neat to work on. We could use any media and do any kind of art. I did a Zendala using Micron pen to tangle and colored with Tombow pens. I will now return it and it will go to the next artist on their list. Eventually they will post the images on their website when the journal is completed

Friday, July 3, 2015

Green Zen

I had a paper towel with ink on it from blotting a print so I laid it on the paper and misted it, pressing the ink onto my journal. It left a light print just right for tangling.  I stayed with the green and tangled with a green Le Pen.

Zentangle: Journaled and Tangled

I don't think this qualifies as a stack because of the tree.  I admired Karen Sandoval's use of trees to silhouette around with tangles and have wanted to try one.  This is actually a rendition of a tree in Kansas where the bank has eroded around the roots leaving them totally exposed.  It is a beautiful tree.  I stacked tangles around the tree - crescent moon, diva dance, nzeppel with Nymph, Printemps, Bales, Poke Leaf and Static.  This is in my gray toned 9 x 12 journal.  After I got it done and signed it, I looked again at all the blank space around it.  Hmmmmmm.