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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Diva Challenge 227 - Circus Time

Again this week we have a guest blogger stepping in while The Diva is on a much needed vacation.  Lee Darter, who is a fellow CZT 15, gives us the challenge of circus time.  A three ring circus using Adele Bruno's pattern Cack and Kate Ahrens' patternTropicana, with a side of either Linq, Fescu or Florz.  I thought Cack made good back to back balloons coming up from a railing of Tropicana.  Linq (Lara Williams' pattern) made streamers coming from the tent top!  So here is my circus.


  1. Oh this is cute!!! So nice - the coloured balloons.. I love it!
    And thank you for the comment on my tile!

  2. So festive! I considered doing swirls in my Tropicana also. This really looks like it could be the front of a birthday card. :-) Enjoy your week!

  3. Oh my! This is just so gorgeous. It would make a wonderful card or even a great print for a child's bedroom. Absolutely super. Axxx

  4. Yeah CZT 15! I love, love, love the streamers and balloons what an awesome idea!
    Lee Darter

  5. Cute and happy circus tile, nice!

  6. It is such a pleasure to see my pattern used. Thank you for this gift at this time in my life. You are a Rock Star!