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Monday, August 31, 2015

Line Play

I had the urge to do some line play and shading practice.  So here is my line play zendala.  It started as a flower of life and exploded.


Who else is feeling the pull of autumn - the colors, the crisp air, pumpkins, sunflowers, orange, yellow,burgundy, green, brown?  I sure am.  I love fall - I love the colors of it.  I love the smells of it.  I am in the autumn of my life and am loving every second of it.  I wanted to play with my Inktense pencils, and here is my sunflower.  A fun piece that could grace the front of a card at 4"x6"  I mounted it on a piece of cranberry which made it kind of pop!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Four Hearts

Yesterday, Cynthia L. Voelkel Poudrette posted in a Facebook group ZentangleFans how she worked paradox in a heart.  When I saw this, I immediately envisioned a zendala with four of these hearts in the center.  So I started working it on tan paper (it looks a bit gray in the photo, but it is tan), with brown Micron, black Micron, and white charcoal as the highlight.  Here is the result.
Cynthia L. Voelkel Poudrette kindly gave permission to show her steps for the heart paradox.  

Monday, August 24, 2015

Diva Challenge 232 Part 2

As noted in the previous blog, Holly Atwater presented a duo challenge.  The second part was using the pattern Betweed.  A favorite of mine.  I call this one Another Lemonade.  Made a "mistake" (but in Zentangle there are no mistakes, only opportunity) so I made the best of it. Here's the finished tile.

Diva challenge 232 - Meditation

This week's guest blogger is Holly Atwater, known as ha! Designs.  Holly is another fellow CZT from Class 15, as were her daughters.  Holly had a duo challenge.  The first was to take one of her audio meditations.  This is an awesome experience taught to us by Molly Hollibaugh at seminar.  You can find Holly's  blog to experience the meditations yourself at ha  I took all 3.  Love to do these.  You have no clue before starting what you will draw.  Ÿou just experience the meditative feeling of paper, pen and ink.  Here are my tiles.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Square One: Wind Farm

This week's square one focus pattern is Margaret Bremner's Wind Farm. 

It is a Hollibaugh-like pattern, and some of the posts have been quite imaginative with it.  I am afraid I stayed basic.  It was amazing though to see the difference pre-shading and after shading.  So I just did some fill-ins of printemps, pixiote, tipple, etc.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Our Tangled Lives Week 34 Patchwork

Finally, I am caught up with journal prompts.  This week's prompt is patchwork. I created a patchwork quilt star block - my mother created beautiful quilts and I always love looking at quilts.  The piecework can be quite stunning.  I created my patchwork using gelli print paper and actually paper pieced the applique.  The quote I used is "In the Quilt of Life, friends are the stitches that hold it together."  My journey with Zentangle has given me some wonderful friendships and I treasure that aspect of the journey.

Our Tangled Lives Week 33

I don't particularly impart wisdom by lists.  I use lists all the time though - shopping lists, to do lists, wish lists, packing list, bucket list - but I pick other ways to share wisdom.  In 2000, when my youngest son was getting ready to go into the army, even before 9/11 happened and the world turned upside down, I gave both my boys a scrapbook of their lives to that time.  The first page in the scrapbook was a copy of the lyrics of "I Hope You Dance" which was a very popular song at the time, and a Grammy winning song.  The words of that song were so powerful and I wanted both of them to hear those words and really listen.  Don't fear - take chances - look around you - don't settle - this was power!  When you get the chance to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance!  So this was a mother's wisdom passed to her children.

Our Tangled Lives - Week 32 Water

I am playing catch up on the journal prompts - Week 32 Water.  Earlier this year I was taking a drawing class (pencil/graphite) and one of our projects was to draw raindrops coming down a window pane with the shadows of trees outside in the foggy mist. So I am going to use that page for this week's prompt.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Diva Challenge Again

I love line work and love the inspiration of Sharla Hicks' work.  I have already posted one entry for this week's Diva Challenge of undulating C's and S's.  Here is another one.  I am really stoked about this one and love it.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Diva Challenge 231

The guest blogger this week is CZT Sharla Hicks.  I had the pleasure of taking her class at Tangle U.  I am actually getting ready to teach a class using some of her techniques and just prepared a white on black piece using Helen Williams' pattern Tumbleweed. This is an undulating "C",  The picture doesn't do it justice - it actually uses gold gelly roll pen and sparkle pen.   What looks like solid white is actually the gold gelly roll.  Î have another I am working on using Sharlarella which I will post when finished.

Square One:Jonqual

This week's focus pattern is the official Zentangle pattern Jonqual. 

It can be a very stark pattern with a heavy black and white presence.  I toned it down with mooka and Pixiose by Margaret Bremner.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Square One: Schway

This week's focus pattern is Schway.
I'm not sure which Schway to go!!  Do I go up or do I go down

Diva Challenge 230

The guest blogger this week is none other than Erin Olson - otherwise known as The Bright Owl blogger.  She posted zendala dares until life got too busy with her schooling and life in general.  She has recently begun posting zendala dares again.  Her templates are awesome.  The challenge this week was one of her templates.  Here is her template and my take on it.

Sunday, August 9, 2015


The story behind this zendala - I started it prior to my cataract surgery.  I now know why I struggled so much with tan tiles - I couldn't see the contrast.  So, post-surgery, I took the beginning of this tile, the "lemon", and turned it into Lemonade!  I started it using red because I didn't see the brown on the tile.  So afterwards, I added the brown and emphasized the red.  This is an Ann Grasso tile using the gumdrop, and then I added an opposite gumdrop along the edge by using a compass.  The center of the tile, I used the stencils from KalaDalas.  It was a fun tile to put together, combining the two stencils.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Fanstasy Letter

I took a class Sunday from CZT Dusty Darrah on this cutout letter.  Challenging way to tangle, and then it is all cutwork.  I posted on Sunday the start of this project.  Here is my completed piece.  It was actually very relaxing to do all the cutwork.   The piece itself is 8 x 10" without the mat.  Fun technique to explore further.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Diva Challenge #229 - Negative space

Guest blogger Sandy Hunter challenged us to shift our focus to the negative space on this week's Diva Challenge.  I did a ribbon across my tile, and left that ribbon empty.  I used Betweed, Mooka, Printemps, Purk and Meringue to finish out the tile.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Our Tangled Lives - Week 30 and 31

I combined weeks 30 and 31.  And, of course, there is a story behind my picture. I had cataract surgery last Thursday.  I have been struggling with my eyes for over a year.  Both eyes were done the same day - thus the leap of faith (in my doctor).   Oh my gosh - painless and wonderful results. The day after, I was sitting in my doctor's office waiting for him to do the post-op check, and saw a picture on the wall by artist Stephen Morath from a gallery in Santa Fe.  The colors were amazing - and I was overwhelmed.  I mentioned it to him and he told me I had probably lost about 50% of the ability to see color in my right eye, at least prior to the surgery.  So you can imagine my astonishment at this picture. I plagiarized Mr.Morath's picture in part, to capture the colors that I saw.  (I do not plan to sell the picture - it is for my own pleasure and only published on this FB page and my blog with this disclaimer - so I feel it was okay to do this) Here is my take on his art in my own style.  My colors aren't quite as vivid - I am still learning the process.  But, I have been transported to the world of beautiful colors!

Square One: Circuital

This week's challenge pattern is Circuital.  So I had to practice this one a bit.  I wasn't very familiar with it - but now I can see the potential.  Added some onomato, florz and printemps.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Fantasy Letters WIP

I took a class today in Fantasy Letters from fellow CZT Dusty Darrah.  What fun and what a learning experience.  Here is my WIP.  This will be cutout and mounted on black.  I am really having fun with this.