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Monday, August 24, 2015

Diva challenge 232 - Meditation

This week's guest blogger is Holly Atwater, known as ha! Designs.  Holly is another fellow CZT from Class 15, as were her daughters.  Holly had a duo challenge.  The first was to take one of her audio meditations.  This is an awesome experience taught to us by Molly Hollibaugh at seminar.  You can find Holly's  blog to experience the meditations yourself at ha  I took all 3.  Love to do these.  You have no clue before starting what you will draw.  Ÿou just experience the meditative feeling of paper, pen and ink.  Here are my tiles.


  1. I did all three as well, learning Meer in the process. I like your three tiles and your shading is really nice.

  2. Great results from the meditations. It is very clever how you can produce the correct result just by following her instructions, even though you have no idea to begin with.

  3. Hi Pat!!

    I am so glad that you completed all three meditations! They are LOVELY! Really wonderful shading too! It thrills me to see what can be created by just listening to words... no preconceived notion of what the tangle "needs" to look like. Thanks so much for participating, Pat!

    1. Holly you did an awesome job on the meditations.

  4. This was fun!! And your tiles are great!