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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Week 35 of Our Tangled Lives

I'm only a day behind in getting last week's prompt posted. Our prompt was to find an item that brings joy into your life every time you look at it or use it. Well, I would have to say that would be my Micron pen and my colored pencils and pens.  And all my artist supplies.  So to find an item - one item - not possible.  So I picked the quote:  Find JOY in the Journey.  My JOY in the Journey is Zentangle.  So I created a line drawing using Helen Williams' pattern Tumbleweed and Meringue with a side of mooka and fescu.   My journey is creating the tile - I love linework and find it to be soooo relaxing.  And a Zendala using Tumbleweed as a ribbon, with some linework, poke leaf, Printemps, Nzeppel, and a modified Zenith outline on the zendala. I love the geometry of creating my own zendala string.  For this one I used Genevieve Crabe's stencil and created my own string.  Lately I find I have been using Tumbleweed frequently and exploring the different ways I can use it.  Helen Williams has a unique style and I do envy the looseness of her art.

Here are the individual tiles I used

and here is the finished Journal page.  I kept the page simple as the artwork is the essence of the page.

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