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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Diva Challenge 245

Guest blogger Dilip Patel from India gave us the challenge of creating a tree with a monotangle pattern using the tree as the string. Mr. Patel states that we are in dire need of re-forestation in our environment and with this challenge we are making a Zentangle statement for a great cause.  I have been "silently" working on trees, compiling photographs and studying art with trees as the subject because I am fascinated by trees. I have a couple of drawings in mind that I want to do, but for this challenge, I created my monotangle with Diva Dance.


  1. Beautiful tree, Pat! I knew you would like the challenge!

  2. Lovely, it looks as though there is snow on the branches. I love trees too, they can be so old and twisty.

  3. And your tree does dance, doesn't it?

  4. WOW! Your tree is gorgeous! Greetings, anja