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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Our Tangled Lives: Week 49

The prompt for week 49 is to find a quote and incorporate it with a tangle.  Quotes that we connect with can represent some of our most important values.  My quote is: "Life is like a roller coaster - It has its ups and downs, But it's your choice to scream or enjoy the ride!"  This quote actually came to me 30 years ago - in a true to life form - from my mother.  I was going through a rough time in life and was visiting my parents.  I was sitting on the floor at my mother's feet and asked her how she managed to live with my father for over 50 years.  My father could be a stubborn, quiet but opinionated man.  Her response to me was that living with him was like a roller coaster ride - sometimes he made her scream with joy and other times made her stomach fall to the floor with dismay.  And she made the screams outweigh the pit of the stomach feeling.  I never forgot that moment, and can still picture it in my mind.  My mother has been gone since 1987 - she and my father had been married 63 years at that time.  But this is one piece of advice she gave that stuck in my mind.

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