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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Square One: C-Scape

Square One's focus pattern this week is a pattern by CZT Susan Olsen called C-Scape.  A fun pattern.  I mixed it with Oh Well by CZT Melinda Barlow.

Our Tangled Lives - Week 4a

This week we investigate color.  Favorite color, use of color - you get the picture!  (Pun intended)  So I kept it simple and did one page just using a lot of color - using the whole box of crayons!
Then I did some studying about Kadinsky, who was the featured artist in our prompt.  Very interesting artist - different phases, persecuted by the Nazis - and created his own form of art.  Keeping in mind that it all started with a dot.  Then added lines, angles, circles - wow.  So I did another page.  To my unknowledgeable eye, it looked a lot like a Picaso when I was done, but here is my Kadinsky inspired page.  My background is stenciled dylusion ink, and I did color work with inktense and outlined parts with Stabilo All pencil.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Today's work

I started out with Margaret Bremner's rope string that wasn't working out too well on the top tile.  I just chose the wrong patterns for it.  So I decided to keep going on it and use shading to emphasize and layer the page.  I chose to put a zendala in the center, trying a couple of patterns I hadn't used before or rarely used - Oringel by Wholehearted Creations in the center of the Zendala, Merriweather and Balo.  Then I used tumbleweed and meringue linework around the outside of the whole page.
I show a before and after picture.  This is one piece that definitely grows with the shading.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Diva Challenge 252

A tangle pattern as a string - well, I had to think on this one.  And then it came to me.  I was working on a zendala yesterday and used Merriweather as one of the fill patterns.  Perfect - I just supersized it and used it as a string.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Our Tangled Lives: Week 4

Everyone is unique - just like a snowflake.  Cherryl Moote led us through a folding technique to make a snowflake with our initials and then use that snowflake on our page.  Or make a heart snowflake if we didn't want to do initials.  We did a prompt with initials last year, so on the left side of my page is a photocopy of that snowflake and the resulting zendala.  This year, I made a heart snowflake, but instead of the points, made a hexagon, then did linework to bring back the point of the heart and fill it with paradox.  My backgound is a mixture - I had some bleedthrough from last week, so used those colors with Tombow markers and did a color spash to hide the bleedthrough.  I accented with white acrylic paint and stamps.  The fold out is my snowflake, with the quote:  "Being unique is better than being perfect!"

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Square One: Pepper

This week's focus pattern is the Zentangle pattern called Pepper.  You can find the stepouts here:
Pepper is one of the first patterns I learned when I first started Zentangle.

I added some Narwal and Mooka, with a couple of Zingers.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Diva Challenge 251 - Moebius Syndrome

This week's challenge with The Diva is to create a tile to raise awareness for the disorder Moebius Syndrome, which her youngest child has.  Moebius Syndrome is a congenital nerve disorder affecting cranial VI and VII nervse controlling the lateral movement of Artoo's face.  Artoo is now 5 1/2 years old and what a doll! I have chosen to use the Moebius logo as my tile - this is 6"x6" and colored with Tombow markers. The colors are actually a pleasant purple but show up kind of blue in the photograph.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 3 - Our Tangled Lives

I was kind of stumped by this week's prompt.  The gist of it: When we have those days, those moments, when we are truly positive about ourselves and our abilities, we have the "force" with us.  Each of us has a spark of true talent, and when it aligns itself with that force, we can achieve greatness.  Some time back I was working through a You Tube video by CreaBoetiekCreations to learn a technique she was showing and made a spirit lifter.  I made a couple of these and gave them to friends at times when they needed a boost or a long distance hug.  I like to think I have a talent of encouraging and uplifting people when they need a little comfort.  So I am creating this page as a spirit lifter and letting my light shine that way.  The photograph on this journal page is my personal spirit lifter that I have on my shelf.  "Strong People Don't Put Others Down...they lift them up."

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Pens, Pens and more Pens

Kelly Kilmer is an expert on pens.  In this blog article, she lists her favorites and why.  Surprisingly, for the journal experience, she goes through a lot of black and white Sakura Glaze and Souffle pens.  She says: "Another thing you need to know, the Glaze pens - there is a white pen and a clear pen.  The clear pen is a 'resist' pen - think of it like invisible ink, write with it, let it dry and then use a brush marker over it, voila!  The white pen is a real white pen (the following is true for both the Glaze version and the Souffle version): it will write clear but dry white!  It is a REAL white pen.  It is the BEST white pen on the market, IMO.  It's $2 of easy love.    Also another plus, you can paint over these pens-they are permanent.  One thing: The slower you write the more "raised or embossed" the pens become.  You have to write really slow for them to be really embossed. ..."

I'll have to check these out.  I was just telling my granddaughter yesterday that those are the two sets of Sakura pens I don't have.

Her blog really contains some valuable information.  Check it out.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Square One: Poke Leaf

Our focus pattern this week is Poke Leaf.  I have had a love/hate relationship with this pattern from the start - it is one of the first patterns we all learn in our classes.  It is the first pattern that Maria and Rick created with an organic feel.  It can wander, it can cluster, it can float.  I think the shading makes all the difference in the world for this pattern.  Without shading, it is boring.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Diva Challenge 250

This week Laura talked about going back to the basics.  Basic 3 1/2" square tile, black ink, graphite.  String, no preconceived idea of the end result, no thought of the next pattern - just that stroke, no eraser.  We all need to go back to that once in a while to remind us of what Zentangle is all about.  Here is my tile with purk, dragonair, mooka and florz.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Square One: Henna Drum

Our focus this week is on the pattern Henna Drum.  I mixed it with mooka which to me is a calming pattern.  This is dedicated to all those in our community who are experiencing a family crisis, medical concerns, or loss of a loved one.  I appreciate that this week's focus was based on care and compassion.

Thursday, January 7, 2016


I have had the awesome experience to have some of my artwork displayed in a book written by a classmate (from our CZT certification), Beate Winkler, from Germany.  I can't read German, but it is a wonderful book of pictures!  I can still learn from it. This is quite an honor for me. My original CZT teacher and good friend, Sue Clark, also has artwork and two of her patterns in the book.

Review of Mini Gelli Plates

As you know, I am a member of the Design a team at Blue Twig Studio.  My article reviewing the mini Gelli prints was just published by Blue Twig. You can review my article at this link.

This was a difficult project.  But it does show that you just have to get in there and practice.  You can't always just pick up something new and produce beautiful works of art.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Diva Challenge 249

Diva Challenge is back on again - after the holiday hiatus.  The challenge this week is a duotangle using Auraknot and Diva Dance.

Gem Swaps

I am participating in two different gem swaps this week.  The first is six ATC cards with gems.  I did these with Prismacolor and highlighted with Uniball White pen.  These are the ones I am submitting.

The second swap is 10 bijou tiles.  These were done with inktense colored pencils, a waterbrush, and Uniball White pen for highlights.  I did shading with a darker color of the inktense pencils.