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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Our Tangled Lives: Week 4

Everyone is unique - just like a snowflake.  Cherryl Moote led us through a folding technique to make a snowflake with our initials and then use that snowflake on our page.  Or make a heart snowflake if we didn't want to do initials.  We did a prompt with initials last year, so on the left side of my page is a photocopy of that snowflake and the resulting zendala.  This year, I made a heart snowflake, but instead of the points, made a hexagon, then did linework to bring back the point of the heart and fill it with paradox.  My backgound is a mixture - I had some bleedthrough from last week, so used those colors with Tombow markers and did a color spash to hide the bleedthrough.  I accented with white acrylic paint and stamps.  The fold out is my snowflake, with the quote:  "Being unique is better than being perfect!"

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