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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Pens, Pens and more Pens

Kelly Kilmer is an expert on pens.  In this blog article, she lists her favorites and why.  Surprisingly, for the journal experience, she goes through a lot of black and white Sakura Glaze and Souffle pens.  She says: "Another thing you need to know, the Glaze pens - there is a white pen and a clear pen.  The clear pen is a 'resist' pen - think of it like invisible ink, write with it, let it dry and then use a brush marker over it, voila!  The white pen is a real white pen (the following is true for both the Glaze version and the Souffle version): it will write clear but dry white!  It is a REAL white pen.  It is the BEST white pen on the market, IMO.  It's $2 of easy love.    Also another plus, you can paint over these pens-they are permanent.  One thing: The slower you write the more "raised or embossed" the pens become.  You have to write really slow for them to be really embossed. ..."

I'll have to check these out.  I was just telling my granddaughter yesterday that those are the two sets of Sakura pens I don't have.

Her blog really contains some valuable information.  Check it out.

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