Pat Mathes,CZT
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Monday, February 8, 2016

Diva Challenge 254

Valentine's Day is fast approaching.  The Diva challenged us to show our hearts.  I am not a "flowery" romantic person any more, so I went for a hint of darkness in my pattern.  Instead of the normal patterns that I am sure others will use that are flowing, flowery, heart-shaped, I went with crescent moon morphed into Mr. E. I looking at it now, it is almost as thought the heart is broken - or shatterred.  I didn't intentionally go for that effect.

All of the shading and color in this piece are Conte a Paris pastel pencils.  The red is shaded with the flat side of a paper stump - 3 layers.  The pattern is shaded with black and just blended once.


  1. Great heart, but now that you mention it, it does look like the heart is broken ! On my screen the colour looks like coral, which is a lovely colour for a heart.

  2. Such a different approach, Pat, and it turned out really nice. I love the color on the outside and in the center heart too!

  3. Really well done, love the dimension you've achieved on the center red heart.

  4. Das Herz ist wunderschön und die Farbe mit den verwischten Rändern passt sehrgut dazu

  5. I love that! I want to reach out and touch it;-)

  6. What a beautiful heart in the heart! Very creative idea! I love it!