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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Diva Challenge 258

Since it is the first Monday, we have a "UMT" (Use My Tangle).  The pattern is Rautyflex, which takes so much focus, I can't find the zen in making it.  And I wasn't crazy about how I filled it in - it made it so black.  I added Tripoli to it to see if I could salvage the tile - it helped.  So I can say this isn't a favorite pattern of mine.  Here is the stepout:


  1. Very nice! I like how these two patterns work together.

  2. I understand about the pattern but I do like your finished tile.

  3. Some tangles might be fun to play with, but I don't see them actually following the "rules" (fun and relaxing - two or three simple strokes) of Zentangle. This seems to be one of them. Being a good sport, it was interesting to do, but like you, I'm not likely to add it to my meditative tangles list. You did make a lovely tile with it though.

  4. I love your tile! The two tangles play very well together!

  5. Wonderful tile! Lovely combination of Rautyflex and Tripoli!