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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Reticula and Fragments

Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas released a new book recently, the Zentangle Primer.  It is an amazing book of tips and tricks.  One of the chapters is on Reticula and Fragments.  In creating a tile in this manner, you build a Reticula (the network or grid) and place an element in the grid space - the Fragment.  This fragmented pattern can be placed over and over in the same direction, it can be mirrored, or it can be rotated in four directions.  In studying this further, I think we have all kind of played with this before with some patterns, but just not had a name for it.  It looks complicated - it really isn't.  It just takes the focus or mindfulness which is what we are all about.  In their book, Rick and Marie gave us some charts to make our combinations.  They also continued this with triangles and orbs - that will be a later day.  I picked G7 for my combination.

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