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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Tangle University

I have just returned from a wonderful time at our annual Tangle University which was held in the beautiful city of Portland, Maine.  It was my first time visiting the New England area.  This is a "retreat" of classes for Certified Zentangle Teachers, taught by other Certified Zentangle Teachers.  We all have a niche, and some have a greater niche than others and pass the knowledge along.  We have classes all day and learn so many new techniques.  I took an extra class before Tangle U started from Cherryl Moote in book binding.   She is an awesome teacher and her sample pieces were amazing.  These are the books I made in that class.  Ranging from signature books to a 2-minute book!!  This is something I will keep working on as I love it!

Molly Hollibaugh gave us a class on Pure Zentangle and took us back to the basics.  We did one tile with her, and then she previewed the newest tangle pattern Ellish.  Here is my tile from her class.

We did a class on Zero Drawing, a Marie Browning technique, taught by Meredith Yuhas.  I was so excited for this.  I have followed Meredith's art for some time and it was a pleasure to finally meet her.

We took part in a challenge to create a Verdigogh tile.  The pine is the state symbol of Maine.

There were more classes, but I haven't finished my projects from them.  I will add as I go.  But I did graduate!!

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