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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Diva Challenge 281

This week we had the challenge to use the tangle pattern Ing.  This was introduced at the seminar I attended - the same one that Laura Harms (the Diva) was at.  In fact, I met up with Laura in the elevator.  Anyway, I remember Molly teaching the pattern - if I remember right, it was created after she had studied a piece of scaffolding at a construction site.  This is a pattern that takes a bit of focus - point to line and line to point.  I mixed it here with Fife and Marasu, working on a tan tile to practice Renaissance tangling.

Longing for fall

I did a watercolor wash on some paper and cut it into different sizes.  Then I traced a leaf and tangled it with brown and black in.  Verdigogh lurked in the background.  I shaded with prismacolor pencils and highlighted with white charcoal.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Traveling Tangles Project with Shelly Beachum

I recently did a Traveling Tangles Project with Michele Beauchamp from Tasmania, Australia.  First of all, I must say that Shelly has been an inspiration to me since I became involved with Zentangle.  The flow of her work fascinates me and I study it a lot.  So this was an honor for me, and also was kind of intimidating.  But I took a deep breath and dug in.

The first one was on a white Zentangle tile, tangled with Brown and Black ink.  I see Ellish, Mooka, Tipple and Bunzo in it.  I added Lazy Eights (Helen Williams tangle) and some tipple, also using Brown and Black ink.

The next tile was a Zentangle Renaissance tile.  Shelly started with Cyme and Mooka, with Tipple in Black and Brown ink with White highlights.  I added featherfall, again with brown and black ink.

Thanks Shelly.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Journal page

Funky mood - needed to just play.  Hamsix, shattuck, double barrel, changing, exhoism, huggins, festune too, tripoli, verdigogh, meringue, mooka.

Square One: Viaduct

The focus pattern this week is Viaduct.  I have used this pattern before, but in more of a border style. I mixed it with Baskit and Quandu.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Diva Challenge 280

This week we are celebrating the Olympics.  USA is doing so well with gold medals, I am honoring USA with my contribution, and the Olympic rings.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Found poetry

Deep breath.  Found poetry is not something that comes naturally for me.  I don't have a background in literature education - far from it.  Just the basics.  I never really enjoyed poetry for some reason, but love a novel and can get lost in its pages.  So I plunged in on this.  I picked a page, found the words and it came together.  Entitled "The Spirit".  "The solemn mood settled on the city by night.  No need for alarm.  Quietly wait."  The nightscape of skyscrapers was created from a nature placemat taken from my favorite restaurant and is the skin of an elephant.  Gave the nightscape some texture.

Just tangling

I felt a need to go back to the basics - black and white and patterns.  Kind of centering myself, I guess.  So here is one I did today.  I used patterns Peaknuckle, St. John's Cross, purk and Venetian.  On the right is the study of Arukas following Molly Hollibaugh's video - this is still an awkward pattern for me but I keep after it because it is a striking pattern.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Square One: Okey

The focus pattern this week is Okey.  The step-out can be found at  This is a pattern from our CZT Shelly Beauch.  Lovely pattern.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Diva Challege 279

Duotangle time!  Two step with Auraknot and Meer.  Both favorites of mine.  I decided to play with Meer as an outline, weaving in and out.  The photo doesn't show quite how dark the shading actually is.  Dramatic.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Circles and Lines

While in Kansas City last week, my 10-year-old granddaughter and I were drawing in our journals.  She wanted to do circles and lines, using a ramikin from the cupboard as the circle, and drawing the lines with our rulers.  We were doing the lines Hollibaugh style, over and under.  She has gotten pretty good at doing that.  Here is my finished page. I haven't seen one from her yet - it was quite colorful when I left, as she loves using colored gel pens.  Lots of color.  I kept mine black and white, and for once, all the tangles used in this piece were official tangles.  I normally stray from that, but kept this one basic.

Diva Challenge 278

This week is the UMT (Use My Tangle) Knightstar from Daniel Lamothe.  It reminds you a lot of the old geometry line graphs we used to do.  I traced a Bijou tile in the center for the Knightstar.   It is very angular.  I softened it with Lynn Meade's new pattern Abeko, and shaded with red chalk.