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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Seasons ZIA

I have had an idea in mind since I saw a piece of cardstock scrapbook paper at a store I found in Shawnee Mission, Kansas called VintageinKc.  This store is amazing.  If you are ever in the area you should check it out.  Anyway, here is the paper that called to me..

So I had in mind poinsettias and a garland with a lantern and candle.  Vague, huh?  I went to World Market and looked at lanterns to get an idea what I wanted.  Then I started experimenting with the Zentangle pattern Laflor to make the Poinsettias.  I worked with that on tan to get the toning down - not a lot of color, just enough to pop it.  Here is my test page (well, the one I am showing.  I think I did about 6 sketches before getting to this point.)

So I really liked the way the poinsettia-like flowers worked, and decided to start on the page.  Now, this paper is grey, but I love the splotchy look of the gray.  I used one of my sketches to lay down the linework on this.  Here is the first result of the linework.  

Now I will start color and shading and highlights when I return to my home tomorrow.  I have been at my son's house in Colorado where the weather didn't allow for much other than sitting around the fireplace with a sketchbook!!

Once I finish, I will post the resulting page.  I am so excited to get this one done since it has been in my mind for a month!!

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