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Monday, April 10, 2017

Journal work

This is a piece in my journal from a couple of months ago - not sure what I was following at the time or who's work might have influenced me at the time. I picked it up today and did the shading and color work - and a bit of the line work. This includes Anooka, Nappi, Noom, Drogon, Hypnotic, Dragonair, Printemps, Verdigogh, Garlic, Meer and Caviar.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Diva Challenge 310

Diva Challenge 310 is a UMT challenge (Use My Tangle) for the first of the month.  This week the UMT is Frunky by Katharina Konigsbauer-Kolb.  This is an example of no mistakes - new opportunity.  Katharina said she was planning to use pattern Floo and misunderstood a step.  Thus, Frunky was born. I combined the pattern with some echo lines and ended up with this.

For the first time in two years, I have skipped Diva Challenges.  I decided I was committed to too many weekly chores and not enjoying my art as much as I wanted to.  I have taken a lot of classes and purchased e-books and books that I need to study and play with more.  So I may be posting and blogging a lot less and doing more of what I really want to do.  I will pick and choose what challenges I will participate in but I will always be watching what everyone is doing though!!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Diva Challenge 307

Molly Hollibaugh's daughters Indy and Mazzy released the latest Kitchen Table Tangles, introducing the tangle Zingo.  This week, Laura asked us to create Zingo.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Diva Challenge 306

This week is a UMT - Amphora by Lily Moon.  This is a striking pattern, and can be found on Tangle Patterns website. I am a bit late this week in posting, but here is my take on it.  I used some Shard and Printemps to set it off.  I chose to use circles and offset black and white to set off the Amphora.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Sending greetings

Traveling Tangles Project for March is to prepare a zendala.  I signed up to swap with four people and these went out in the mail to them.  I am excited to see what the mail brings for me.  I love zendalas.

Square One focus pattern this week is Por Fina.  I am not familiar with this pattern, so had to do some playing with it.  Here I used it as the focal with echoing, Sea Wave and Diva Dance.

Since I already had my Kala Dala stencils out, I decided to work on some more of the zendalas. The first one I took the flower of life stencil and turned it into a Celtic Knot string. Henna Drum made an outstanding outer pattern. I really enjoyed working on this one. The colored one, not so much. But I put it in here to show that even if you are not happy with one, you still keep on and salvage what you can with it. I wasn't crazy about the strings on this one, and then the Inktense colors bled outside the lines. So I had to keep working on it. I ended up using Blue Micron 01 to do the pattern work on it, and added more color and some echoing of lines. Ended up with a zendala that worked, just not a favorite.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Diva Challenge 305

This week, Laura asked us to do a Duotangle using the patterns Marasu and Molygon.  I love Marasu in Renaissance colors, so my entry ended up as a piece in my tan journal.

A busy week

I have done quite a bit of practicing this past week, not atual tiles, just practiing strokes and patterns. I think I needed that grounding.

I did the journal prompt for Our Tangled Lives which featured leaves.  I love leaves - fall is one of my favorite times of the year with the colors of leaves, but the hint of green coming for spring is just as enticing to me.  With the weird weather this winter - it has been so much warmer than usual for winter - I can feel the spring coming.  So I reflected back to an e-lesson I took last summer from Cherryl Moote and spent a lot of time working on leaves.  I went through her lessons, and then researched many of my own pictures of leaves - the colors and the shapes - and decided I would use one of my accordion cards from the class I put together to teach and I actually wrote my first Haiku.

The Square One focus pattern this week is Yew-Dee. I have always enjoyed this pattern.  When I was teaching Illuminated Letter classes, it was one of the patterns I taught to use as a border pattern.  It makes an awesome border.   I mixed it here with Festune Too and some flux.

I saw a pattern this week called Reflections that really caught my eye, so I played with it for a while, and then in my tan journal, I did a ZIA using Reflections with some Laflor additions, Yew-Dee off the grid, with some printemps and tipple in the background using pencil rather than pen.  Oh yes, there was also a little bit of Molygon and some Bunzo! I really had a lot of fun with this piece and liked the drama I got with it.

I did two exercises this week from the Primer - Exercises 12 and 13 which both dealt with shading.  The first one was creating two tiles using Shattuck and Printemps, and shading them differently, and the second one was to use the pattern Crescent Moon and shade it in different ways.

Even though I did a lot of practicing, I still had quite a bit to show for the week.  Have a great week!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Diva Challenge 304

Since Waybop was just released by Zentangle to everyone not just CZTs, the Diva challenge this week was to use Waybop.  I really like this pattern.  You can see my other creations in my last blog.  This time I decided to turn it into a zendala.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Happy day!

President's Day Greetings! What a weird weather pattern. It has been in the 70s every day, and we have had no rain here for many days. Humidity is medium, which is unusual here. I am not complaining - I don't like cold weather. It just makes me wonder what kind of spring and summer we will have. In this part of the country, things will start greening up in another month or so. In fact, looking out my window right now, the grass isn't brown - it has green patches in it.

This past week I caught up with the Traveling Tangles Projects I had received.

First off was Holly Pacier from Pennsylvania. She sent three tiles - what a variety. Fun. The watercolor swatches begged for boldness so I went bold. The others were a fun challenge.
Stephanie Drewa from Wisconsin sent me this beautiful Renaissance piece. It really turned out great.

Jolanda Baan from The Netherlands sent me a wonderful basic Zentangle tile. I really enjoyed doing it. And the purple sprockets were fun -
Square One focus pattern this week was Trio, a pattern from Hanny Waldburger in Sweden. I have loved this pattern since I first saw it last year. Here I mixed it up with a Dragonair leaf and some caviar.

In the Zentangle Mosaic app, Rick and Maria did a Kitchen Table Tangle on Waybop, adding a series of auras, and finishing it up with "graphite is the new black" background. The first tile below is the one I did while watching the video.

Still playing with Waybop, I used a background made with ink sprayed on shaving cream and marbling the paper. I cut this down to a 5" circle and then placed it on a piece of scrapbook paper to frame it. The Waybop is done with Brown Micron 05, Black Micron 05, White Prismacolor, Gold Gelly Roll and White Uniball.

Hope you all have a great week.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Diva Challenge 303

Diva Challenge 303 - Valentine's Day.  Make a Valentine and give it away.  Well, Valentine's Day has not been a favorite holiday of mine for various reasons.  I do occasionally draw hearts and decided today it was because I matter.  I read an email from Tamra LaPorte on Self-Love and it kind of hit home.  Her words:  "...I encourage you to start practicing more self love, more self-compassion, more "sitting with the wholeness and fullness of you", allowing your feelings to be, allowing you to experience all that you experience...."  and it went on.  So, today, I give myself a Valentine because I matter.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Another week gone by.  It has been one of ups and downs for me - but all in all, it was good.

Tangling Tangles Project - Beth Bentz sent me two tiles and they were fun to finish.  This project is really a learning curve.  The art can be way outside our own comfort zone, and it is interesting seeing how it speaks to you.

 Alena Light posted a couple of new videos and I had to play with them - the first was Tri Rose, and the second was Spiral Flower.  I think I need to do a ZIA with both to see what kind of contrast they would pose.

The Square One focus pattern this week is Flowerly.  This is an interesting pattern to play with - I emboldened it here and put it on a spray of Angel Leafe.

I also finished Lesson 5 in Creating Art at the Speed of Life, which completes Chapter 1.  Lesson 5 used complementary colors.  Since my "favorite color" that I used was blue, the complementary color is orange.  Not my favorite color.  So I actually did some research on the color and found that it is the most rejected and underused color.  Orange radiates warmth and happiness, combinging the physical energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow.  It also aids in the stimulation of creative ideas.  However, it is stimulating for the appetite - Note to self: Do not paint kitchen orange!!  I finished out the page, adding blue as accent.
Now on to Chapter 2, Lesson 6.  Can't wait!!

I did a little more work on my ZIA, adding some more color to it.  I am so excited about how this is coming along.
Have a great week!!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mosaic Project 6 with Annette Plaga

I joinedin with the 6th Mosaic Project with Annette Plaga.  She puts together incredible mosaics.  This time she used the theme of a starry night.  As she put it, "A fantastic starry sky on a clear and cold winter evening was my inspiration".  Having grown up on a farm far away from city lights, I can relate to the beauty of a sky full of stars.  We all used the same initial tile string.
We tangled in black and white, with a few yellow/golden accents.  I did two tiles:

Annette reported that she had 28 tanglers submit 46 different tiles for this project from Belgium, the Netherlands, USA, France, UK, Austria and Germany.  

Here are the completed mosaics sent to me.

You can see all the wonderful mosaics on Annette's site here

Monday, February 6, 2017

Diva Challenge 302

This week's challenge was a fun one for me.  It is a UMT (Use My Tangle) for Hamadox.  Hamadox was created by Diana Schreur from The Netherlands (who now lives in London)  She has taken two patterns - Hamail created by Tina Hunsiker, an arist I had the pleasure of meeting at the beginning of our CZT Seminar 15, and Paradox, the official Zentangle pattern from Rick.  I enjoyed this one - I met Diana at Tangle University last year.  We are in a journal group together and she really inspires me with her art.  And I met Tina Hunsiker in the courtyard outside the Providence Hotel before the start of CZT Seminar 15.  She is an amazing artist and has created some wonderful patterns.  And then Paradox - well, it is just paradox.  I did a couple of samples of Hamadox - the first one using a square, and the second one using a triangle.  This is a fun pattern - I need to practice more, though.


Another week gone by and quickly, too.  I made a couple of trips to Kansas City last week, one of them meeting up with a fellow CZT Susan Mayes.  I am so happy to get to know her and look forward to tangling sessions.

I finally am putting an idea to paper that has been spinning in my head.  I saw a unique antique Sterling Silver pendant advertised for sale on Pinterest. I was intrigued by the design - all the seed-shaped beads.  In my mind, I saw a zendala in the works - but different.  I played around with different ways to do it - and finally settled on using a different spacing on the outer round to offset the outer ring a bit.  Then I added the feathers.  I have been taking pictures as I go and may make a tutorial.  Here is my work so far. A long ways to go.

The Square One focus is Neuron.  I combined it here with Ruutz/Quandu connecting the two areas.

We are working through the Zentangle Primer and here are lessons 8 and 9 - Beyond the Border and Enjoy the Freedom.  In both, we are letting the patterns used speak for themselves and the boundaries are breached

Then I finished two traveling tangle project pieces.  The first is from Aleesha Saatva in Thailand.
This one is started by Deb Prewitt in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Enjoy your week to come!!  Happy tangling!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Diva Challenge 301

This week, in the Zentangle Newsletter, Rick and Maria launched a new session called Kitchen Table Tangles which will be available in the future on the Zentangle Mosaic.  If you don't subscribe to the Mosaic, you should.  It has a beautiful collection of Zentangle work from artists all over the world, and then Tips and Techniques from Rick and Maria.

So this week, the Diva challenged us to do the Duotangle of Diva Dance and Paradox.  This is my second attempt.  The first one I did in my Tangle-A-Day calendar and then I did the other one on a tile.  I think the trick is I needed to make my paradox string larger.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Squirrel Chase Down a Rabbit Hole

Shades of Alice Through the Looking Glass - I have a morning habit of Facebook cruising with my morning coffee.  I go through my feed, looking for inspiration and calming, and seeing what my Facebook family has been creating.  Well, I saw a pattern mentioned in a posting that pecked my curiosity, so I looked it up and found it on a blog.  While looking at it on that blog, I read more on the blog, looking at beautiful tiles posted and stories unfolding.  I saw another pattern that tickled my fancy, and looked that one up, again on a blog - a different one - which, of course, meant I had to explore that blog too.  Right?  I cannot believe how much time passed just because I found a pattern that made me curious.  But what wonderful places I went and what wonderful things I saw!!  Now, back to my original Facebook cruising to see what else I can find.  I can see either a very lazy day just browsing, or a day filled with inspiration.  Depending on my energy level.

Monday, January 30, 2017


Goodness!  Another week gone by.  It has been a productive week for me - I really enjoyed working in my art room.  I bought a new rolling cart from Ikea so that I could organize my color tools and keep them at my side.  Oh it is so nice.  So it gave me more incentive to work.

This week's Square One pattern is the official pattern Bucky.  I struggle with this pattern - I think this is my favorite try so far.  I morphed it into Fassett which morphed into Tripoli.

Our Tangled Lives Group prompt was to show our inner light.  So I went with a star - "A star does not need words to tell the world what it can do; it just shines."  I really had a lot of fun doing the background on this one - I started with a quick wash of acrylic paint and then overlaid it with Tombow markers, some watercolor and a swipe or two of Neocolor.  Just playing with the colors and trying to show a night sky without it being toally dark.  I used AuraKnot as the focal pattern.

I am still working through the Creating Art at the Speed of Life book. Lesson 4 was a study in monochromatic color.  I chose blues.  I found a clip art of a Victorian lady that I liked, adhered it to the page, and started adding blues.  Oh my goodness it was fun.  The end result was to use black and white to tie it all together.  I can see more monochromatic backgrounds in my future.  The next step is to work with complementary colors. More on that later.

 I also work on the Tangle-A-Day Calendar, keeping it up to date.  The end of the month there was a blank page, so I used it to just play.  i'n the center top part is a reticula/fragment suggested by Carole Ohl, S1.  I took this and embellished it and this was the end result.  You can follow these pages in the Facebook Tangle A Day Calendar group.  It is great to see what people do with the patterns - and which patterns they choose to use - and we all learn from each other on it.

I am working through the Zentangle Primer with the Tangled and Journaled Facebook Group.  I just finished Exercises 4, 5, 6 and 7.  This is a wonderful experience and helping me focus (my word for the year) on the basic groundwork of Zentangle.

Last but not least, my daughter-in-law, Jenn, and I went to a Make and Take class at Vintagein KC Saturday and walked away with a cute card.  We had a really enjoyable day just looking at craft stuff.

Have a great week!