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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hello Tuesday

I am going to recharge my blog, hopefully.

I am committed mentally to Square One II have done every one since the inception of the group), OTL 2017 (I have done two years work of every week's prompts), the Tangled Journey of the Primer, and, of course, the Diva Challenge (I started these with #180 and this week is #298 - I haven't missed any).  I also do the Tangle-A-Day Calendar.  These are my focus commitments and I use these to create a balance in my art.

/I have a couple of projeccts I am working on, a couple of on-line classes to finish, and lots of things I want to do.  I will try to condense into a weekly blog posting showing my projects and challenge pieces.

I have been working on a project in a FB group where we are working through the Zentangle Primer. I have read the first 33 pages and done the first two exercises.

I am excited about this project as it will hopefully help me focus, which is my word of the year in Our Tangled Lives 2017. 

In OTL 2017, our first challenge fits a celebration - of the past year and the start of a new one.  This was a difficult page for me - I had a bittersweet ending to last year.  I left my wonderful circle of Colorado CZT friends, and a state I had grown to love, and moved back to my home state of Kansas.  This was mainly due to financial reasons - it has become so expensive to live in Colorado and I needed a change for my mental piece of mind.  So in October I packed up and made the move and now live in a retirement community.  I am the youngest person here so it is a different lifestyle for me.  It is a wonderful community, though, and I am back living in basically Smalltown USA.  But the city is only 30 minutes away!!  It has been a cultural change for me, you might even call it a cultural shock.  The hardest part was leaving my friends and our weekly/bi-weekly tangle sessions.  I have joined up with a couple of CZTs in the area here and hope to gain some semblance of these get togethers again.  So my journal page relfects that "Not all days are good days, but there is something good in each day."  I hope to focus on making each day better and regaining my mental balance.  I now have a room solely for my artwork, and can shut the door on it at the end of the day with no trepidation of things moving.

And this week's Square One focus pattern is Paushalov.  You can find the step-outs on TanglePatterns.Com. I used it here with Fassett, Printemps, Florz and a variation of Locar.

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