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Monday, January 30, 2017


Goodness!  Another week gone by.  It has been a productive week for me - I really enjoyed working in my art room.  I bought a new rolling cart from Ikea so that I could organize my color tools and keep them at my side.  Oh it is so nice.  So it gave me more incentive to work.

This week's Square One pattern is the official pattern Bucky.  I struggle with this pattern - I think this is my favorite try so far.  I morphed it into Fassett which morphed into Tripoli.

Our Tangled Lives Group prompt was to show our inner light.  So I went with a star - "A star does not need words to tell the world what it can do; it just shines."  I really had a lot of fun doing the background on this one - I started with a quick wash of acrylic paint and then overlaid it with Tombow markers, some watercolor and a swipe or two of Neocolor.  Just playing with the colors and trying to show a night sky without it being toally dark.  I used AuraKnot as the focal pattern.

I am still working through the Creating Art at the Speed of Life book. Lesson 4 was a study in monochromatic color.  I chose blues.  I found a clip art of a Victorian lady that I liked, adhered it to the page, and started adding blues.  Oh my goodness it was fun.  The end result was to use black and white to tie it all together.  I can see more monochromatic backgrounds in my future.  The next step is to work with complementary colors. More on that later.

 I also work on the Tangle-A-Day Calendar, keeping it up to date.  The end of the month there was a blank page, so I used it to just play.  i'n the center top part is a reticula/fragment suggested by Carole Ohl, S1.  I took this and embellished it and this was the end result.  You can follow these pages in the Facebook Tangle A Day Calendar group.  It is great to see what people do with the patterns - and which patterns they choose to use - and we all learn from each other on it.

I am working through the Zentangle Primer with the Tangled and Journaled Facebook Group.  I just finished Exercises 4, 5, 6 and 7.  This is a wonderful experience and helping me focus (my word for the year) on the basic groundwork of Zentangle.

Last but not least, my daughter-in-law, Jenn, and I went to a Make and Take class at Vintagein KC Saturday and walked away with a cute card.  We had a really enjoyable day just looking at craft stuff.

Have a great week!

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