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Monday, February 6, 2017


Another week gone by and quickly, too.  I made a couple of trips to Kansas City last week, one of them meeting up with a fellow CZT Susan Mayes.  I am so happy to get to know her and look forward to tangling sessions.

I finally am putting an idea to paper that has been spinning in my head.  I saw a unique antique Sterling Silver pendant advertised for sale on Pinterest. I was intrigued by the design - all the seed-shaped beads.  In my mind, I saw a zendala in the works - but different.  I played around with different ways to do it - and finally settled on using a different spacing on the outer round to offset the outer ring a bit.  Then I added the feathers.  I have been taking pictures as I go and may make a tutorial.  Here is my work so far. A long ways to go.

The Square One focus is Neuron.  I combined it here with Ruutz/Quandu connecting the two areas.

We are working through the Zentangle Primer and here are lessons 8 and 9 - Beyond the Border and Enjoy the Freedom.  In both, we are letting the patterns used speak for themselves and the boundaries are breached

Then I finished two traveling tangle project pieces.  The first is from Aleesha Saatva in Thailand.
This one is started by Deb Prewitt in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Enjoy your week to come!!  Happy tangling!

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  1. You have been busy! I am totally in love with your zendala with the feathers!!! Looking forward to seeing the completed piece. ❤