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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

Another week gone by.  It has been one of ups and downs for me - but all in all, it was good.

Tangling Tangles Project - Beth Bentz sent me two tiles and they were fun to finish.  This project is really a learning curve.  The art can be way outside our own comfort zone, and it is interesting seeing how it speaks to you.

 Alena Light posted a couple of new videos and I had to play with them - the first was Tri Rose, and the second was Spiral Flower.  I think I need to do a ZIA with both to see what kind of contrast they would pose.

The Square One focus pattern this week is Flowerly.  This is an interesting pattern to play with - I emboldened it here and put it on a spray of Angel Leafe.

I also finished Lesson 5 in Creating Art at the Speed of Life, which completes Chapter 1.  Lesson 5 used complementary colors.  Since my "favorite color" that I used was blue, the complementary color is orange.  Not my favorite color.  So I actually did some research on the color and found that it is the most rejected and underused color.  Orange radiates warmth and happiness, combinging the physical energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow.  It also aids in the stimulation of creative ideas.  However, it is stimulating for the appetite - Note to self: Do not paint kitchen orange!!  I finished out the page, adding blue as accent.
Now on to Chapter 2, Lesson 6.  Can't wait!!

I did a little more work on my ZIA, adding some more color to it.  I am so excited about how this is coming along.
Have a great week!!

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