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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mosaic Project 6 with Annette Plaga

I joinedin with the 6th Mosaic Project with Annette Plaga.  She puts together incredible mosaics.  This time she used the theme of a starry night.  As she put it, "A fantastic starry sky on a clear and cold winter evening was my inspiration".  Having grown up on a farm far away from city lights, I can relate to the beauty of a sky full of stars.  We all used the same initial tile string.
We tangled in black and white, with a few yellow/golden accents.  I did two tiles:

Annette reported that she had 28 tanglers submit 46 different tiles for this project from Belgium, the Netherlands, USA, France, UK, Austria and Germany.  

Here are the completed mosaics sent to me.

You can see all the wonderful mosaics on Annette's site here

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful tiles for the Tangle-Mosaic-Project, dear Pat!
    Hugs, Annette