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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Diva Challenge 332

The Diva is back from her summer vacation time with her family and the challenge this week is to use two squares.  I am using a page from my new journal - a wonderful sketch pad 8 1/2" x 11" that is a wonderful 90 lb. paper.  I like this size - in my daily workings, I often draw squares and use whatever pattern or grouping I have in mind and just wander.  I sometimes fill in the spaces around with notes, or with other patterns, or just leave it open.  This will make a great journal in the end - a wandering of techniques and patterns.

In this page, I was using the basic Zentangle patterns in the top one - Marasu often escapes me and I wanted to pair it with Mooka.  The shading was a challenge and I was trying to obtain dimensional aspects of the square.  I was pleased with how it turned out in the end.

 The bottom square was one that was inspired by Lynn Meade's recent blog (you can find the article here).  She was doing one of her wonderful morphing exercises using Stoic, HaKrall and B'twined.  I followed her directions so that I could see how her mind was working.  This is not my design - this is Lynn's design drawn by following her instructions.  You can see how I have made notations alongside this drawing so that I can look at it again and see how it came about.  I am amazed at how this came together and encourage others to try and to follow her method of seeing patterns in similarity.  This is a method that escapes me and I work at.  Lynn's drawings are always an inspiration to me.


  1. Both your squares are nice, but the second one you did following Lynn Meade's technique is mind blowing. (Some of us have our minds more easily blown.) I'll have to take a look at her instructions, but I'm not sure I can achieve your precision.

  2. Great squares both of them! I must take a closer look on Lynns blog!

  3. Two wonderful compositions, I love them both!

  4. Great pieces. Thanks for the link to Lynn's blog so I can read more about this technique.